Lady Velvet Cabaret

A Lady of Many Talents

A professional actor, trained in ballet, specialising in poi, and with a soulful singing voice, Lola Moore always surprises and delights with her varied but thorough performances. Whether it’s a circus act, a theatrical duet, a sexy vocal number, or a burlesque solo striptease, Lola never fails to capture the attention and imagination of her audience. Her varied repertoire is testament to her many talents!


International Performer

Lola has performed all over the state, indeed she’s truly an international performer! Lola has performed all around Perth, she has danced on the red dirt of Pannawonica, and tread the boards in London for over a year. With such vast and varied experience performing in venues large and small in Australia and the U.K., Lola can always be relied upon to wow a crowd!


She’s Got The Look!

Lola is known for her fantastic costume and styling, whether she is a glittering mermaid dripping in pearls, or giving her famous Jessica Rabbit impression with luscious red curls, lips, and glittering dress! With dedication and attention to detail, Lola is always prepared and creative when it comes to costuming and presentation – so much so that she’s become known for some of her signature props and costumes.