Lady Velvet Cabaret


Lola Moore is a versatile performer with a broad background in the performing arts – her background in theatre, poi, and dance is evident in her diverse range of performances! Get in contact today to find out how you can have Lola perform at your next event.


The MC announces her in a booming voice – but.. where is Lola? After some concerned muttering from the audience, a shimmering white bunny rabbit pokes her head through the curtains. She nervously glances left and right before she glimpses the audience waiting with baited breath… It takes some gentle coaxing and cheering from the crowd, but the bunny cautiously emerges onto the stage, checking her surroundings as she steps daintily into the spotlight carrying her basket of flowers (Saint-Saens, “Kangaroos”). With one ear listening out for danger, she explores her surroundings and makes herself comfortable. She removes her soft fur cape and gives a cheeky shake of her fluffy tail. She finds a mushroom in her basket and eats it, quickly overcome by its effects (Emiliana Torrini, “White Rabbit”). Things take a dark and dangerous turn, and the audience is plunged into darkness – the only light emanating from her floral poi which light up to cast a hypnotic glow. A beautiful act for both photographers and audience members, the White Bunny Poi routine always brings the house down! Debuted in 2012 at the award-winning season of Lucha Royale at Perth’s Fringe World festival, the act remains one of Lola Moore’s most popular numbers.


Lola’s talent with poi comes to a head in this wild and upbeat act! A high-energy number that gets toes tapping and hands clapping, Lola keeps audiences engaged and entranced with her bright LED poi (particularly impressive on a dark stage) and catchy tunes!
Lola’s LED poi really wow crowds, particularly when the lights go down – it’s hard not to be entranced by the glorious effects, which really emphasise Lola’s tricks and finesse with this popular circus art.
Lola has performed to a number of fun tracks at various shows across Perth – with funky music and great tricks, her LED poi acts always go down a treat!


A roman statue awakes and greets the morning with a joyful dance (Edvard Grieg, “Morning Mood”). Unfortunately someone has carelessly left out their paddling pool and she slips and falls. While initially dismayed at her damp predicament she is soon to discover the sexy and comedic possibilities now available to her (Henry Mancini, “Hub Caps and Tail Lights”). A delightful comedy striptease down to either ivy covered pasties or underwear.
This act debuted in 2013 at the award-winning Lucha Royale, at the WA Italian Crowd. Since then it’s been performed as part of the Perth International Burlesque Festival and at Lady Velvet Cabaret shows too. A funny number, it’s the natural response to the glamorous martini glass act made popular by artists such as Dita von Teese.


Lola Moore sings Jessica Rabbit’s iconic song “Why Don’t You Do Right?”. With impeccable costuming and graceful carriage, Lola embodies the sizzling glamour and sex appeal of this animated icon. As an optional extra, Lola can gift a single red rose to a member of the crowd.
Lola’s homage to Jessica Rabbit has been performed at such shows as the award-winning Lucha Royale, where it was also combined with a saucy ‘Happy Birthday’ vocal number (complete with cake!) for audience members who were celebrating their special day!


Sparks always fly between this Lola Moore and Sonny Cummins! No matter what hijinks they get up to, audiences are guaranteed a laugh and a blush. In the popular comedy sketch ‘Sonny and Lola at the Seamstress‘ act, a seamstress’ lonely day is interrupted by the arrival of a handsome stranger with a hole in his trousers. Through a series of unfortunate mishaps involving tea, towels and some poorly placed stitching they end up partially de-clothed and tangled on the floor just as a new customer walks in the door.